Welcome to Spindrift

Just so that there is no anxiety about your time of arrival at Spindrift, I will leave a set of keys for you in the lock-box at the entrance to our house, outside the garage door. The information you need follows.

The entrance to the house is in Upper Quarterdeck Road, opposite the children’s park. The entrance gate and the double garage door are painted dark blue and the name of the apartment is on the white wall facing the road.

The black lockbox is situated between the garage door and the entrance gate on the wall, about 3 metres up.

The code I will give you closer to the time of your arrival.  Here’s how you open it. 

  • Unclip the rubber covering and allow the cover to drop forward.
  • You will see numbers on the front of the metal box. Press the code and then depress the silver clasp above the numbers. The front of the box will fall forward when pulled. The remote control and the key are inside the box. 
  • To close the box, put the code in again. Depress the silver clasp again and push the front of the box inward.

The remote has 2 buttons.

  • The blue button will open the pedestrian gate. If there is a power outage, please use the small key to unlock the gate. 
  • The red button is the panic button, only to be used in an emergency. If pressed, the security company will arrive to check on you.
  • Proceed up the little alleyway, turn right and walk up the stairs. Stop at the first landing and unlock the gate into your apartment.
  • You may prefer to use the funicular. Once inside the cabin at the bottom of the stairs, please press the white button on the remote attached to the top of the cabin to get to your landing. There you’ll notice that the glass door has to be moved to the right so that it aligns with the gate so that you can get out.
  • There are two keys attached to your remote, one to open the door onto the veranda, and the other to open the door into the sitting room of the apartment. There is also a key to the safe.

There is an information booklet in the Spindrift apartment which gives you the wifi password and lots of other information which I will go through with you when we meet.