Welcome to Whalehaven

Just so that there is no anxiety about your time of arrival, I will leave a set of keys for you in the lockbox at the entrance to the apartment stairs. The information you need follows.
The entrance to the apartment is in Belmont Road, close to the intersection of Belmont and Main Road. The entrance has a cream wrought-iron gate and you’ll see a flight of stairs in front of you. 
The lockbox is situated inside the wrought-iron metal gate at the entrance to the building. It’s on the wall to your right, about 3 metres up. It has the Whalehaven name above it.
I will give you the code for the drop box closer to the time of your arrival.  Here’s how you open it.
Remove the band holding the black plastic cover up. Allow the cover to drop forward.
You will see numbers on the front of the metal box. Press the code and then depress the silver clasp above the numbers. The front of the box will fall forward when pulled. The keys are inside the box. 
To close the box, put the code in again. Depress the silver clasp again and push the front of the box inward.

The Keys

The large key with the round head is for the gate onto the road. Use this one first.

The smaller key with the round head is for the metal door at the entrance to the apartment.

The long key is for the front door. We have not set the alarm.

The apartment is on the second (top) floor of the building. It’s the apartment on the right hand side. It has a red lamp style light outside and a dark blue metal gate.

There is an information booklet in the apartment which gives you the wifi password and lots of other information.