What to do in Kalk Bay

Here is a great little video by What’s In Cape Town showcasing the wonderful village of Kalk Bay – get a taste of what you could be doing on your next holiday to Kalk Bay, Cape Town!

Video Transcript:

“Forbes have just ranked Kalk Bay in Cape Town for being the coolest neighborhood in the world!

Welcome to Kalk Bay – Steek uit jou bande, that’s all I can say – Come to Kalk Bay.

This is another What’s In Cape Town video.

We’re in Kalk Bay and we’re going to be joined by Colleen who knows this area really well.

Yeah, I’m Coleen and I do know the area really well. I love to meander along this road, I love to shop, I like to browse and absorb the Kalk Bay Culture. Join me, we’re going to have a fantastic day.

We’re at the Kalk Bay Village Square.

“Mediteraneo – Locally made female clothing.”

Some really kick ass signage you can put up in your house or on your gate or on your kids doors, or husbands door.

“Hi, My name’s Bronwyn and my shop calle Bokke and Blomme – we are situated in the village square.”

Also, there’s a bunch of paper flowers and music. I really want to take home.

“This shop is calle Shoreline and I sell only beautiful South African goods. I’m such a beach girl – if I don’t go to the water I’m nothing!”

Rail Way House, on of my favourites – you know it’s a treasure trove of stuff; second hand old furniture – wonderful, fabulous to browse.

“We are in Kalk Bay and the shop is called Moon and we sell clothing and upmarket jewellery.”

It’s the element of surprise that you find around every corner of every lane. You think you’re getting on thing and you end up getting so much more.

“You’re in Kalk Bay Trading Post in Kalk Bay and we sell old second hand goods.”

I remember growing up on Hot Stuff and and Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Mad Magazine. Who remembers Alfred Neuman with the gap in his tooth?

We are going to Cape To Cuba to get a coffee because we’re reaching the top of the road before we turn around and do the other side of the street going back again.

I think that is so cool – you’re sitting at a bar and you’re watching the harbor and next thing your view is gone because a train is, like, this far from your face – it’s awesome.

Down to the harbour! Of course! We’re in Kalk Bay!

Kalk Bay – the place for trinkets, good food, boats and trains.

What’s the dog’s name? “That’s amazing, and that’s Diamond and this is Luca.”

Hello guys!

If you want to go and see a really authentic South African fishing harbour, working, this boat’s just come in. Michael here is a fisherman…

“My name Michael. I’m on of the local fishermen and I’ve got some fish on the table today for you. I’ve got some Red Snapper, Red Roman and some Bonitas Tuna for you today. Here you looking at almost about 2 kilos.”

Fish off the boat!

I really like the little village shots where they’re like a 3D – touch and feel the picture – I think they’re very nice.

We can’t imagine what it looks like on a big day when the massive winter swells hit this wall. I’m going to have to show you a picture. There you go. That picture is exactly where I’m standing right now.

Fresh fried fish, lovely local art – I just bought myself a bag from Malawi – a backpack for my travels. So there you have it – plus the boats and the smells and everything else.

“We are Kalk Bay Modern Gallery. We have been around for over a decade. We focus primarily on contemporary art. We also do our own textiles and it’s been part of the Kalk Bay Community for a while.”

I think there is some magnificent art here. I’m not an art collector – I wish I could afford to be but Henstridge, BC Bailey – fantastic ceramics, beautiful scupltures – I can spend all day here.

You won’t believe the other side of the road. It has got a ton of things to see so we’re going to rush through and check them out – bang bang bang bang!

Beautiful place to look at these old historical books – collectors items – but, what is more exciting is that I discovered these bones that kind of lie all over the place.

“The Kwaai Gallery – So if you’re going to come to Kalk Bay come in the alley ways because that’s were you’re going to find all the little treasures you don’t see off the main road.”

So you can’t possibly see all of this in one video so listen, get yourselves down to Kalk Bay and walk the main road.

We are at Pappegaio.

“We are in Kalk Bay in SKA – a mix of bohemian and transy, a little bit of uniqueness.”

A sweet old Jester – where we can get those beautiful old fashioned sweets that I grew up with like Stars and Apricots. Let’s buy sweets!

That smell is amazing!

One of my absolutes favourites in Kalk Bay!

“This is the Sweet Ol’ Jester and my name is Lizette – This is a fun shop.”

I’ve go a really sweet tooth so it’s probably not a good idea that I come here ‘cos I can try everything!

Remember chocolate cigarettes??

I haven’t had one of these in years.

Oh, I remember this – memories come before manners!

This is so cool!

The Lever Street Park, which is a hidden gem in Kalk Bay. Fabulous for kids, beautiful in Summer because they have concerts here which are really well attended. Such fun!

If there is a park, I will play!

“We’ve been here since 1986″ Since I was born!

There is a sense of humour, A, in the image and, then it’s painted on driftwood – so lekker.

With little villages like this you have to sneak down the back streets to check out some of the older architecture – to see the pretty cool, really well maintained things.

Artbark is one of my favourites because it’s family run and all of them are involved in the arts and it is fabulous.

Something we are not covering today are all the activities that are possible like live music, the theater, the walks up in the mountain – up at the top there there are some walks to the caves and that. Today is very much more about the retail therapy of Kalk Bay and all the trinkets and hidden gems that you find all over the show. What that means is that there is room for more videos. So let us know what you want to see next.”


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